Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sister Duke

A year after reaching the highest position in one of the famous radio station in Indonesia with “Senandung Untukmu” (A Song for You), finally Sister Duke launched the debut album with the title:”Highlight of the Day”.

Nengah Krisnarini, the girl behind Sister Duke is simply amazing. Not only she sings, but also explores her potential as a song writer (only one song wasn’t come from her), vocal arranger, music programmer and also producer. Born at the end of 1981 to Balinese-Minangkabau parents, Nengah Krisnarini discovered her passion for music at an early age; singing random melodies and lyrics which usually bothered her older brother at the time because he did not recognize any of them. It turned out that she wasn’t singing someone else’s songs, they were hers.

While making the album, she got a lot of support from a talented jazz pianist, Doni Yudawan Joesran, who became her co-producer and music arranger. You can find many talented musician too supporting this album, like Barry Likumahuwa, Rayendra Sunito, Achmad Ananda, Donny Sundjoyo, Nicky Manuputty and Stefan Thiele.

As a newcomer in the music scene, Nengah doesn’t seem to have a problem producing music. She offers wide variety without ignoring her signature style. All songs were produced with her deepest passion towards pop music, influence from R&B/Soul, and of course, Nu Jazz. You won’t stop dancing with the upbeat songs, while the downtempo ones will grab your heart.

Her second single, Kreyzie, a really great song using fun swing as the base came out right before the album. Sister Duke’s Highlight of The Day produced by Can Opener Records and distributed by Demajors Independent Music Industry.

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